Founded in 2015, Seattle-based Avionics Source is the leading direct-to-consumer avionics, instruments, and pilot supplies retailer. Whether you’re looking for a panel mounted GPS, transponder, or an antenna, Avionics Source is your one-stop solution, providing access to thousands of products at low prices from more than 150 brands.

Avionics Source serves general aviation, corporate, military, and commercial aviation customers in both fixed-wing and rotor markets. Our service doesn’t stop with big selection and quick shipping times. Avionics Source also offers valuable in-house consulting, educating the most discerning customers to make informed purchase decisions.

Meet The Team

Director of Sales

Derek Boxwell

P: (321) 246-4288  Sales@AvionicsSource.com


Jeanie Boxwell

P: (206) 726-0088

Regional Sales Manager

Bryan McConnaha

P: (406) 498-4281  Bryan@AvionicsSource.com

Founder, Former Director of Sales

Chase Larabee


A Message From Our Founder

Thank you for stopping by Avionics Source and allowing us to be your go-to choice for all your avionics needs. We started small in 2015 and have grown to serve thousands of aircraft owners, like yourself, around the globe every year. As we continue growing, we remain hyper-focused on our commitment to our customers through three founding principals: 
  • Attain the highest customer satisfaction possible
  • Provide exceptional service through the sale and installation
  • Provide the lowest prices without sacrificing quality
We’re always adding new products to the website so check back often. We love hearing from our customers: If there’s anything we can do for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Happy flying,