Founded in May of 2015 and based in Seattle, Washington, Avionics Source is a leading retailer of avionics, instruments, pilot supplies, and aircraft parts both online and over the phone. Whether a panel mounted GPS, transponder, or a headset, Avionics Source connects aircraft owners to thousands of products from 185 brands, all at everyday low prices to provide our customers the most value.

Avionics Source serves general aviation, corporate, military, and commercial aviation customers in both fixed-wing and rotor markets. Our service doesn’t stop with big selection and quick shipping times. Avionics Source also offers valuable in-house consulting, educating the most discerning customers to make informed purchase decisions.

*We refuse the right to refuse service to anyone.*

Meet the team

Founder, Director of Sales

Chase Larabee

Regional Sales Manager

Bryan McConnaha

Regional Sales Manager

Ray Neevel

Regional Sales Manager

Connor Sesnon

A Message From Chase Larabee

As the founder of Avionics Source, I’m excited about the work we get to do on a daily basis with customers from around the world. This business was built on a foundation of providing the absolute best customer service in the industry and we will never waiver from this philosophy. 

Things have changed quite a bit over the past five years. What started as company of one has grown into a worldwide industry leading sales organization. That said, some things haven’t changed. The values I instilled on day one remain today – provide products at low prices we can be proud of, give the customer more than they expect, and always stay focused on customer satisfaction.

The saying around our office is that there’s no substitute for quality when it comes to products, pricing, and service. Our commitment to excellence means the equipment leaving our doors is safe, cost-effective, and are products we ourselves would fly behind. That’s our pledge to you.

I appreciate you taking the time to visit our website and encourage you to do so frequently to learn more about our company and our exciting developments.

Happy flying,